Powerful Business English

Business English coaching to help you convince, influence and achieve more.

Sunil Nathan Executive Business Coach
Sunil Nathan
Results focused business coaching to improve your performance in the English-speaking marketplace.
Any sector, any background, from heavy engineering to international finance, from sales managers to CEOs . . . 
I make YOU more convincing to more people.

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Interview Coaching
Job Interviews
Preparation of CV’s, applications, personal statements and cover letters.
Rewriting of social and professional network profiles.
Employer and industry research, tailored Q&A’s, language, confidence and performance coaching.

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More Effective Presentations
Audience targeted and results focused structuring, graphics and language.
Personalised script writing to suit the speakers' styles, maximise audience engagement and deliver a strong call to action.
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Negotiating Skills
Negotiation language and techniques for business. 
Relationship building skills, bargaining styles, managing expectations, counterpart analysis, process control and closing techniques.
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Meetings & Discussions

Meetings & Discussions
Communication strategies to influence with passion and positively contribute.
Understanding group dynamics and the language tools you need to succeed.

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Telesales & Customer Service
Telesales & Customer Service
Target driven training and motivation including script writing, tailored vocabularies, listening skills, objection and complaint handling.
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Copywriting & Proofreading Services
Copywriting & Proofreading
Clear, concise and correct documents, emails, websites, presentations, marketing and sales material.
Convey your message with clarity.
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English Tutoring
English Tutoring
British English lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students of all ages.
Reading, writing, comprehension, listening, speaking and conversation tutoring to achieve exam success and personal goals.